Kiran Singh

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We bring out novel dielectric behavior of a spin-chain compound, Ca3Co2O6, undergoing Néel order at (TN = ) 24 K. It is found that the virgin curve in the plot of isothermal dielectric constant (ε') versus magnetic-field lies outside the 'butterfly-shaped' envelope curve well below TN (e.g., 2.6 K), with a signature of a partial arrest of the high-field(More)
With the advent of industrialization and rise of power generation plants, the cases of firing are on the rise. Besides other methods of fire detection, the technology today has touched every single aspect of human life in a way that are unimaginable. It is widely used for instant recognition and managing a rising fire. Edge detection is a significant(More)
As the technology is advancing day by day we can easily get any media file like images, video, audio etc. from the internet. To prove the rightful possessor ship of media files we have a technology known as Digital Watermarking. In this paper the dual watermarking in an image is proposed using Block SVD and Non Block SVD technique. The first watermark used(More)
The diseases related to eye such as glaucoma, retinopathy etc. are mostly detected at the later stages when there is very little scope of treatment. This is because the symptoms presented by these diseases are not significant until the disease at some advanced level. So there is a need of regular and less time consuming diagnosis of the eye. The diagnosis(More)
Observation of ferroelectricity among non-d(0) systems, which was believed for a long time an unrealistic concept, led to various proposals for the mechanisms to explain the same (i.e. magnetically induced ferroelectricity) during last decade. Here, we provide support for ferroelectricity of a displacive-type possibly involving magnetic ions due to(More)
In this paper a novel compact slit loaded inset fed microstrip antenna is presented. The antenna characteristics such as efficiency, radiation pattern and gain are presented in this paper. The proposed microstrip antenna has a wide bandwidth of 77.44% covering the frequency range from 1.099-2.488 GHz and gain of 6 dBi which is suitable for WLAN(More)
This paper is about a algorithm used for edge detection using logical operations. First image is converted into binary image and then it is rotated left, right, up and down. Afterwards logical AND operation is performed between rotated and original image and results are stored in different variables. After that XOR operation is performed between the results(More)
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