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We present BackFi, a novel communication system that enables high throughput, long range communication between very low power backscatter devices and WiFi APs using ambient WiFi transmissions as the excitation signal. Specifically, we show that it is possible to design devices and WiFi APs such that the WiFi AP in the process of transmitting data to normal(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of SpotFi, an accurate indoor localization system that can be deployed on commodity WiFi infrastructure. SpotFi only uses information that is already exposed by WiFi chips and does not require any hardware or firmware changes, yet achieves the same accuracy as state-of-the-art localization systems. SpotFi(More)
We present the first low power backscatter system that can be deployed completely using commodity WiFi infrastructure. With this system, a low power tag reflects existing 802.11b transmissions from a commodity WiFi transmitter, and the backscattered signals can be decoded as a standard WiFi packet by a commodity 802.11b receiver. The key invention is a(More)
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