Kiran Raghavendra Desai

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<italic>This paper introduces a family of interconnection networks for loosely-coupled multiprocessors called Hierarchical Cubic Networks (HCNs). HCNs use the well-known hypercube network as their basic building block. Using a considerably lower number of links per node, HCNs realize lower network diameters than the hypercube. The performance of several(More)
BACKGROUND Benign osteoblastoma is a rare tumor of bone representing less than 1% of all tumors of the maxillofacial region. There is a slight predilection for the mandible. More frequent sites for this tumor are the vertebral column, sacrum, long bones, and calvarium. A small predilection in males exists. The age of occurrence ranges from 5 to 37 years,(More)
Synchronous malignant neoplasms in a single patient are well documented in the literature. It is also recognized that there is increasing incidence of synchronous non-neuroendocrine neoplasm in patients with neuroendocrine tumor (NET). We present a case, of a patient with synchronous colorectal cancer and pancreatic NET, both cancers presenting with liver(More)
Central ossifying fibroma is a benign neoplasm, having slow growing nature. Some rare lesions show very aggressive nature, multifocal appearance and reach up to a very massive size. So, these kinds of cases require special attention for their treatment. A unique case of central ossifying fibroma with aggressive nature, multifocal appearance is reported.(More)
optical fiber based interconnections using wavelength division multiplexing to support multiple concurrent channels on a single link have the potential for surmounting the performance and implementation problems of conventional electronic links operated at high data rates. Jn this paper we present a trace-driven performance evaluation of several proposed(More)
Biometric system is nothing but the pattern recognition system in which we use different biometrics to recognize the individuals. The traditional biometric system depends upon unimodal biometrics which is used for the recognition and authentication. This unimodal system has lots of problems like noisy data, non universality, spoof attack etc. So, in order(More)