Kiran R. Mahajan

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The visualization of simulated production processes is used for their analysis. Huge plants are normally planned by a team. So a solution for many users who are modeling and interacting with a running model in an immersive 3D environment is required. We discuss an approach where several users work cooperatively on one simulation model. To optimize their(More)
Visualization has always played an important role in the analysis of material flow simulations. These days, commercial software is available to visualize such systems. Using these software, the user has to model and parameterize the simulation and finally view the simulation in a virtual environment. After analyzing the system, typically he might wish to(More)
Several types of production systems have been studied and researched in the past using either simulation and\or optimization methods. In this paper we describe the design and development of a simulation assisted predictive-reactive system for scheduling and rescheduling a typical flexible production system configuration. Aspects like the combined use of(More)
Discrete-event material flow simulation tools have long been offering real-time 3D visualization. This feature allows less experienced users to analyze the underlying system. Beyond this, visualization is not used to interact with the simulated (underlying manufacturing) system to improve or control the material flow, especially under disturbances. This(More)
An immense amount of research work has been done in the areas of scheduling and re-scheduling of various types of manufacturing systems. In this paper we present a simulation assisted approach to rescheduling complex production system configurations subject to execution exceptions. Issues like how to bring the deviation of a schedule due to exceptions back(More)
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