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Mixed ligand complexes of transition metal with 8-quinolinols and 5-Alkoxumethyl-8-quinolinol have been prepared. Structural, spectroscopic and thermal properties have been studied on the basis of infrared spectra, Mass spectra, NMR spectra, electronic spectra, and elemental analyses. Also their antibacterial activities against Gram – ve (Escherichia coli(More)
Diazotization of p-toluidine and coupling with 3-amino-phenol-Formaldehyde (APF) resin give oligomaric azo dye TAPF, based on 3-amino-phenol-Formaldehyde (APF) polymer. The TAPF was then treated with 5-chloro methyl-8quinolinol hydrochloride in the presence of a THF in alkaline medium (pH 9-10) at room temperature for 7 hrs. The resultant oligomaric ligand(More)
The newly synthesized pyrazoline derivatives exhibited moderate to good antimicrobial activity respect to standard drugs. In present investigation, we report the synthesis of N-acetyl pyrazolines from chalcones and hydrazine hydrate using acetic acid for the reaction. These synthesized compounds were characterized on the basis of IR, HNMR, Mass(More)
There are two mol-ecules, A and B, in the asymmetric unit of the title compound, C14H16N2O4S, which is the first example reported in this family of compounds in which the Nsp(3) atom of the thia-diazine ring is methyl-ated. The thia-diazine rings adopt shallow envelope conformations, with the S atoms displaced by 0.319 (12) and 0.182 (12) Å from the mean(More)
In the title compound, C(14)H(16)N(2)O(4)S, the thia-diazine ring is in a half-boat conformation. The aromatic ring deviates from the plane of this moiety at an angle of 74.6 (2)°. The structure displays inter-molecular N-H⋯O hydrogen bonding [N⋯O = 2.8157 (16) Å], creating ribbons along the [010] axis. There are also weak C-H⋯O inter-actions in the crystal(More)
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