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Objective: Saliva is used to monitor the general health and the onset of specific diseases. Biomarkers, whether produced by normal healthy individuals or by individuals affected by specific systemic diseases, are tell-tale molecules that could be used to monitor health status, disease onset, treatment response and outcome. It has been a great challenge in(More)
Orthodontic elastic bands are an important iatrogenic etiologic factor in the causation of periodontal attachment apparatus breakdown. Appropriate diagnosis and a well constructed treatment plan tailor-made to suit the requirements of the particular patient is imperative for management of periodontal lesions induced by subgingival retention of rubber band.(More)
BACKGROUND The objective was to evaluate and compare the effect of Coca-Cola®, tea, Listerine® mouthwash on the force delivered by elastomeric chain in vitro. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four specimen groups (distilled water, Coca-Cola®, tea, Listerine® mouthwash) with a total sample size of 480 specimens. A specimen is described as a four link grey close(More)
BACKGROUND Role of Serum Lipids, Lipoproteins and Lipoprotein related variables in the prediction of Stroke is less clear. Abnormalities in plasma Lipoproteins are the most firmly established and best understood risk factors for Atherosclerosis and they are probable risk factors for Ischaemic stroke, largely by their link to Atherosclerosis. Apo B reflects(More)
This paper examines the risks and returns of Indian stock’s following cross listing on the U.S. stock exchanges. We find no significant change in returns and also no systematic change in the underlying stock volatility. The findings show that market risk is unaffected across the companies and any change in risk profile is due to the change in firm specific(More)
We investigate whether the trading activity of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) adversely affects volatility in the Indian stock markets. Aggregate trading activity of FIIs dampens market volatility whereas aggregate trading activity of domestic investors exacerbates market volatility. Positive shocks in aggregate trading activity have a greater(More)
Intracranial hypotension (ICH) is a benign syndrome which is often under-diagnosed. It is characterized by orthostatic headache which is predominantly occipital. ICH is diagnosed in the presence of a typical history and characteristic imaging findings. Further confirmation by lumbar puncture to document low CSF pressure might be necessary in some cases.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of formalin fixation time on histomorphometry by changing the fixation time and the effect of the age of processing solutions on histomorphometry by processing tissues in solutions of varying ages. STUDY DESIGN The study consisted of two parts. The first part examined the effect of formalin fixation time on(More)
Aim: To assess the efficiency of topical phenytoin compared to conventional wound care in improving the healing process in diabetic ulcers and prove that topical phenytoin can be used as relatively low cost, case of use and a better alternate in management diabetic ulcers. Material and methods: This is a prospective randomised comparative study where data(More)