Kiran Kumar Vupparaboina

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With the proliferation of smart environment, smart multi-camera networks assume growing significance. Specifically, non-intrusive calibration of such camera networks becomes imperative in smart applications such as telepresence systems, where multi-view imaging/recording needs to be performed in a dynamic setting with continuously changing intrinsic and(More)
A variety of vision ailments are indicated by structural changes in the retinal substructures of the posterior segment of the eye. In particular, integrity of the inner-segment/outer-segment (IS/OS) junction directly relates to the visual acuity. In the en-face optical coherence tomography (OCT) image, IS/OS damage manifests as a dark spot in the foveal(More)
A variety of vision ailments are indicated by anomalies in the choroid layer of the posterior visual section. Consequently, choroidal thickness and volume measurements, usually performed by experts based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) images, have assumed diagnostic significance. Now, to save precious expert time, it has become imperative to develop(More)
—Metric auto calibration of a camera network from multiple views has been reported by several authors. Resulting 3D reconstruction recovers shape faithfully, but not scale. However, preservation of scale becomes critical in applications, such as multi-party telepresence, where multiple 3D scenes need to be fused into a single coordinate system. In this(More)
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