Kiran Kumar Patnaik

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the pattern of acute organophosphorous (OP) poisoning cases including death, duration of hospitalization and time lapse before arrival at hospital. All OP poisoning cases admitted to the Emergency Department of MKCG Medical College Hospital and other fatal cases received at the mortuary between September 1999 and August(More)
The present investigation aims at development of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) based drug in adhesive type transdermal systems of ondansetron hydrochloride with higher permeation flux. The effect of mixture of two chemical permeation enhancers (oleic acid and lauric acid diethanolamide); and drug loading dose on the ex vivo human cadaver skin permeation(More)
This study was carried out on 88 railway related deaths in order to determine the specific pattern and distribution of wounds. Of the 88 victims, 79.5% were males and 20.5% were females. The majority were in the age group of 21-40 years. Most of the victims died as the result of an accident (80.7%). Of the 17 suicide cases, ten deaths occurred during the(More)
Introduction Homicide is the death of one human being as a result of conduct of another. Multiple assaults on the body are seen in 70% cases, which indicate determination on the part of the accused to end the life of the victim. Aim To identify the pattern, distribution and means of inflicting fatal isolated mechanical injury on the body in cases of(More)
GSK-3beta, one of the vital enzymes responsible for various phosphorylation catalysis. Induced fit mechanism and the presence of conserved water molecule(s) in the active site poses complexity during the process of virtual screening. The present investigation reveals the practical strategy to handle the induced fit mechanism of GSK-3beta though flexible(More)
A cross-sectional sample of 2987 children in the age group of 1 to 10 years were selected from urban slums of Delhi for measurement of weight and height. Males and females were 53 and 47% respectively. Mean weight and height were calculated for both the sexes. Comparison of percentiles of weight and height with NCHS and ICMR standards showed that the 75th(More)
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