Kiran Kumar Girdhar

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BACKGROUND The flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope and bonfils rigid intubation endoscope are being widely used for difficult intubations. METHODS The haemodynamic response to intubation under general anaesthesia was studied in 60 adult female patients who were intubated using either flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope or bonfils rigid intubation endoscope (30(More)
How simple is the underlying control mechanism for the complex locomotion of vertebrates? We explore this question for the swimming behavior of zebrafish larvae. A parameter-independent method, similar to that used in studies of worms and flies, is applied to analyze swimming movies of fish. The motion itself yields a natural set of fish "eigenshapes" as(More)
Protein stability is measured by denaturation: When solvent conditions are changed (e.g., temperature, denaturant concentration, or pH) the protein population switches between thermodynamic states. The resulting denaturation curves have baselines. If the baselines are steep, nonlinear, or incomplete, it becomes difficult to characterize protein(More)
BACKGROUND The positioning (trendelenburg) and pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic gynecological surgeries may cause cephalad movement of diaphragm and subsequent endobronchial intubation. PATIENTS #ENTITYSTARTX00026; METHODS 50 ASA I/II patients posted for laparoscopic ligation were included in the study. Standardized anaesthesia technique was employed(More)
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