Kiran Gollakota

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Tobacco is an important cash crop produced in considerable quantities in India. During cigarette manufacturing large quantities of tobacco waste are produced annually and its disposal is a serious ecological problem. In the present study a process for the biodegradation of tobacco waste, under methanogenic conditions, was developed so that environmental(More)
Starting with cow dung, a mixed culture capable of producing biogas by the anaerobic digestion of castor cake (oil expelled) has been isolated and stabilized. The biogas so produced contains small quantities of ethane, propane and butane in addition to methane and carbon dioxide which are the major constituents. This suggests that the mixed culture contains(More)
In this study, novel sol-gel materials with low thermal conductivities were synthesized for the purpose of creating a material that would improve the insulating capacity of a commercial down vest. Seven types of fibers were used to create composite gels in LudoxTM suspensions, with each gel containing one type of fiber. The thermal conductivities of the(More)
Phenylglyoxal at a concentration of 0.6mm inhibited germination ofBacillus cereus T spores as characterized by a decrease in absorbance, dipicolinic acid and loss in heat resistance in a chemically defined growth and sporulation medium. In a germination medium containingl-alanine and adenosine, phenylglyoxal inhibited decrease in absorbance and affected(More)