Kiran Adhikari

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It is often desirable but difficult to retrieve information on the mature phenotype of an immature tissue sample that has been subjected to gene expression analysis. This problem cannot be ignored when individual variation within a species is large. To circumvent this problem in the butterfly wing system, we developed a new surgical method for removing a(More)
The recent years have seen increasingly widespread use of highly concurrent data structures in both multi-core and distributed computing environments, thereby escalating the priority for verifying their correctness. Quasi linearizability is a quantitative variation of the standard linearizability correctness condition to allow more implementation freedom(More)
The border ocellus, or eyespot, is a conspicuous color pattern element in butterfly wings. For two decades, it has been hypothesized that transcription factors such as Distal-less (Dll) are responsible for eyespot pattern development in butterfly wings, based on their expression in the prospective eyespots. In particular, it has been suggested that Dll is a(More)
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