Kira Leishear

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INTRODUCTION Two thirds of United States adults are overweight or obese, which puts them at higher risk of developing chronic diseases and of death compared with normal-weight individuals. However, recent studies have found that overweight and obesity by themselves may be protective in some contexts, such as hospitalization in an intensive care unit (ICU).(More)
BACKGROUND Accurately measuring physical activity (PA) with activity monitors requires sufficient monitor wear time which can be difficult to assess. Monitor sensitivity to movement and population characteristics (eg, children vs. adults) may dictate the duration of monitor inactivity indicative of nonwear. A standardized method for determining appropriate(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal asthma is associated with serious pregnancy complications, but newborn morbidity is understudied. OBJECTIVE We wanted to determine whether infants of asthmatic mothers have more neonatal complications. METHODS The Consortium on Safe Labor (2002-2008), a retrospective cohort, included 223,512 singleton deliveries at ≥ 23 weeks'(More)
PURPOSE Our study sought to systematically evaluate protocol-specified study methodology in prospective pregnancy exposure registries including pre-specified pregnancy outcomes, power calculations for sample size, and comparator group selection. METHODS U.S. pregnancy exposure registries designed to evaluate safety of drugs or biologics were identified(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between acute air pollution exposure and cardiovascular events during labour/delivery. METHODS The Consortium on Safe Labor (2002-2008), an observational US cohort with 223,502 singleton deliveries provided electronic medical records. Air pollution exposure was estimated by modified Community Multiscale Air Quality(More)
OBJECTIVE Attention for recurrent preterm delivery has primarily focused on spontaneous subtypes with less known about indicated preterm delivery. STUDY DESIGN In a retrospective cohort of consecutive pregnancies among 51,086 women in Utah (2002-2010), binary relative risk regression was performed to examine the risk of preterm delivery (PTD; <37 weeks)(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to characterize complications of pregnancy, labor, and delivery associated with maternal asthma in a contemporary US cohort. STUDY DESIGN We studied a retrospective cohort based on electronic medical record data from 223,512 singleton deliveries from 12 clinical centers across the United States from 2002 through 2008. RESULTS Women(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Recent research has suggested that high vitamin B12 levels may be associated with increased mortality after ICU admission. However, it is known that impaired liver function may lead to elevated B12 since B12 is metabolized through the liver, and therefore high B12 levels may serve as a proxy for poor liver function. The aim of this study(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic air pollution exposure increases risk for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, but the effect of acute air pollution exposure on blood pressure during pregnancy is less well known. METHODS We studied 151,276 singleton term deliveries from the Consortium on Safe Labor (2002-2008) with clinical blood pressure measured at admission to(More)
PURPOSE To examine whether maternal asthma contributes to racial/ethnic differences in obstetrical and neonatal complications. METHODS Data on white (n = 110,603), black (n = 50,284), and Hispanic (n = 38,831) singleton deliveries came from the Consortium on Safe Labor. Multilevel logistic regression models, with an interaction term for asthma and(More)