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We describe Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR), a semantic representation language in which we are writing down the meanings of thousands of English sentences. We hope that a sembank of simple, whole-sentence semantic structures will spur new work in statistical natural language understanding and generation , like the Penn Treebank encouraged work on(More)
Knowledge Base Population (KBP) is an evaluation track of the Text Analysis Conference (TAC), a workshop series organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In 2013, the KBP evaluations included five tasks targeting information extraction and question answering technologies: Slot Filling tasks were introduced in 2013 in an effort(More)
In recent months, LDC has developed a web-based annotation infrastructure centered around a tree model of annotations and a Ruby on Rails application called the LDC User Interface (LUI). The effort aims to centralize all annotation into this single platform, which means annotation is always available remotely, with no more software required than a web(More)
To advance information extraction and question answering technologies toward a more realistic path, the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) initiated the KBP (Knowledge Base Population) task as one of the TAC (Text Analysis Conference) evaluation tracks. It aims to encourage research in automatic information extraction of named(More)
This paper describes a new test collection for passage retrieval from multilingual, informal text. The task being modeled is that of a monolingual English-speaking user who wishes to search discussion forum text in a foreign language. The system retrieves relevant short passages of text and presents them to the user, translated into English. The test(More)
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