Kira Frello Hansen

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During the production by mammalian cells of recombinant factor VIII from which the B domain was deleted (rFVIII), proteolytic cleavages in the C-terminal part of the heavy chain were observed (Kjalke et al., 1995). By radioactive pulse labelling it was investigated whether the cleavages took place inside the cells during protein synthesis or after release(More)
Eighteen patients with stable intermittent claudication were randomized in a double blind cross-over study comparing the effects of the Ginkgo biloba extract GB-8 at a dose of 120 mg o.d. with placebo. All patients were treated for three months with the active extract and three months with placebo. The effects of treatment on arterial insufficiency were(More)
Understanding the primary routes of transmission of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) is pivotal to manage the pathogen in cattle herds. MAP is transmitted both vertically and horizontally, and both the dam's stage of infection and the prevalence in the population are therefore potentially important for MAP transmission control. The(More)
In 1998, the sale of vitamin K antagonists (VKA) in Denmark corresponded to the amount used for treatment of more than 20,000 patients for one year. This is more than three times more than ten years earlier. The reasons for the increasing use of VKA are new indications for permanent anticoagulant treatment, especially chronic atrial fibrillation and venous(More)
Thirty-six patients with stable intermittent claudication were randomized in a doubleblind study either to treatment with two tablets of Padma-28 twice daily (containing 340 mg dried herbal mixture composed according to an ancient lamaistic prescription) or placebo for four months. Effect of treatment was quantified by measurements of systemic and(More)