Kira Boerner

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Metabolic activation of ifosfamide (IFO) leads to the active 4-hydroxy-metabolite and to a substantial liberation of chloroacetaldehyde (CAA). CAA has been presumed responsible for side effects of IFO. We recently have shown cytotoxic effects of CAA against human tumor cells in vitro. The aim of this study was to demonstrate antitumor effects of CAA in(More)
This paper investigates the impact of emigration on the political choice regarding the size of the welfare state. Mobility has two countervailing e¤ects: the political participation e¤ect and the tax base e¤ect. With emigration, the composition of the constituency changes. This increases the political in ‡uence of the less mobile part of the population. The(More)
The reluctant reaction of western governments to the AIDS crisis in developing countries is only one example for policy areas where we observe a lack of political action despite a public interest in policy change. The reasons for that lie in the two-stage structure of the political decision-making process: Interest groups influence both the policy choice(More)
In transition and developing countries, we observe rather high levels of corruption even if they have democratic political systems. This is surprising from a political economy perspective , as the majority of people generally suffers from high corruption levels. Our model is based on the fact that corrupt officials have to pay an entry fee to get lucrative(More)
In many countries, governments involve interest groups at early stages of political decision-making. The idea of this is to enhance the legitimacy of the policy decision and to curb later opposition to the implementation of the policy. We show that the way and timing of interest groups involvement can be crucial for the scope and success of policy reforms.(More)
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