Kip G Gardner

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Genetic analyses have identified two loci in wheat and barley that mediate the capacity to overwinter in temperate climates. One locus co-segregates with VRN-1, which affects the vernalization requirement. This locus is known as Frost resistance-1 (Fr-1). The second locus, Fr-2, is coincident with a cluster of more than 12 Cbf genes. Cbf homologs in(More)
Introduction: A considerable amount of debate exists on the petrogenesis of eucrites, basaltic meteorites believed to have originated on the asteroid 4 Vesta [1]. One school of thought, developed by Stolper [2], suggests that most eucrites are primary partial melts of chondritic material, while another by Mason [3] suggests that eucrites are residual(More)
We determined the utility of fast gradient echo techniques (modified Dixon method) in the assessment of hepatic fat content. Fast spoiled gradient echo was performed on bovine liver/corn oil homogenates with known fat fractions (FFE) to assess the accuracy of fat quantitation (FFMRI). The pulse sequence was manipulated via alterations in TE (echo time), TR(More)
Cost findings from a 4-year (1984-1989) externally funded, empirical study, comparing primary and team nursing on medical units in a tertiary care teaching hospital, demonstrates that primary nursing is less costly than team nursing. An average savings of 6.5% was realized for the duration of the study. Three factors are identified as being responsible for(More)
Binding of human IgG by the Fc portion of the immunoglobulin molecule was detected on established human tumor cell lines by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy, cytofluorography, quantitative absorption, and rosette formation with the use of antibody-coated erythrocytes. Of the nonlymphoid tumors tested, IgG binding was restricted to the cell membranes(More)
This study was conducted to obtain a personality profile and a descriptive analysis of a typical substance user who is presently enrolled in a treatment center and is receiving professional help for his or her substance use at one of four participating treatment centers in a southwestern city in the United States. According to the findings, a typical(More)
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Nurses have long thought that providing support was a part, if not a central part, of their nursing practice. In the literature, nurses have described their ability to provide support and have discussed their inability as well as their reasons why they have been unable to give support. Support for nurses has at least three parameters: physical, social, and(More)