Kinya Masuda

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Two cDNA clones encoding a putative high-affinity nitrate transporter (Nrt2) were isolated from a cDNA library of peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) roots. The nucleotide sequences of the clones, named PpNrt2.1 and PpNrt2.2, showed 99% identity in their coding regions, but their 3'-untranslated sequences showed only 40% identity. The deduced amino acid(More)
We have been investigated the possibility of B-Z transition in ZnTMPyP-DNA interaction based on the observation of spectroscopic data. In this study, we found drastic change in the AFM image of supercoiled plasmid DNA when it was interacted with TMPyPs indicating that the considerable amount of unwinding of double helix or B-Z transition is induced by the(More)
Soil aggregation, which is favorable for plant growth, can be modified by the presence of organic matter; farmers thus often apply different materials to promote soil aggregation and enhance its stability. However, the relationship between the type of organic matter used and the resulting properties of the aggregate structure is unclear. Using high(More)
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