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PURPOSE To determine the central corneal thickness (CCT) in Japanese children and to investigate the changes in CCT with increasing age. METHODS Pachymetry was performed on 338 eyes of 169 patients undergoing eye muscle surgery under general anesthesia, and the intraocular pressure (IOP) was measured on 312 eyes of 156 of those same patients. Patients(More)
Three cases of medullated nerve fibers of the retina were seen. They had medullated nerve fibers in both the upper and lower quadrants of the temporal retina, whereby the temporal raphe of the retinal nerve fiber layer could be visualized. Some nerve fibers from the upper and lower quadrants crossed each other on the horizontal meridian. The structure of(More)
Incident-power-dependent extinction ratio of electroabsorption modulators is shown and theoretically investigated by using microscopic theory combined with heat-flux calculation. The phenomenon stems from voltage-dependent temperature rise and the calculated results agree well with the experiment.
Regarding the changing trends in the concept, definition, etiological classification, and criteria for diagnosis of amblyopia, we reviewed a total of 4,693 cases of amblyopia seen during the past 37 years. The amblyopia was divided into four types: strabismic, anisometropic, ametropic, and form vision deprivative. There was a definite trend for the(More)
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