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The objective of the study was to determine whether, under controlled conditions, bedding materials vary in their ability to support growth of different environmental pathogens independent of the presence of feces, urine, or other contamination. Five sterilized bedding materials (fine hardwood chips, recycled dried manure, chopped newspaper, softwood(More)
This paper summarizes the proceedings of an NIAID-sponsored workshop on statistical issues for HIV surrogate endpoints. The workshop brought together statisticians and clinicians in an attempt to shed light on some unresolved issues in the use of HIV laboratory markers (such as HIV RNA and CD4+ cell counts) in the design and analysis of clinical studies and(More)
One hundred seventy-two undergraduate women responded to twelve sets of stimuli consisting of a constant jacket silhouette varying proportionally in components of lapel, yoke, and pocket details. Using a 9-point scale in Likert format, the subjects were asked to respond to questions comparing the jacket stimuli of each set in terms of same/different,(More)
The authors examined the association of antisocial personality disorder, somatization disorder, and histrionic personality disorder, both within individuals and within families, in 250 patients. All three disorders overlapped considerably within individuals; the strongest relationship was between antisocial personality and histrionic personality. A high(More)
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