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comments that were helpful in developing this work. We thank Kinjal Desai for his research assistance. ABSTRACT Board classification is a common corporate governance provision that staggers the annual election of directors. Critics of board classification contend that the governance arrangement moderates an incumbent manager's exposure to the market for(More)
Chromatin interactions connect distal regulatory elements to target gene promoters guiding stimulus- and lineage-specific transcription. Few factors securing chromatin interactions have so far been identified. Here, by integrating chromatin interaction maps with the large collection of transcription factor-binding profiles provided by the ENCODE project, we(More)
Sustained expression of the estrogen receptor-α (ESR1) drives two-thirds of breast cancer and defines the ESR1-positive subtype. ESR1 engages enhancers upon estrogen stimulation to establish an oncogenic expression program. Somatic copy number alterations involving the ESR1 gene occur in approximately 1% of ESR1-positive breast cancers, suggesting that(More)
BACKGROUND Agranulocytosis is regarded as a rare side effect of methimazole (MMI) therapy that occurs in a dose dependent manner and that usually develops within the first 3-6 months of treatment. Although delayed development beyond this timeline has been documented in adults, very few children have been reported with this presentation. CASE PRESENTATION(More)
The FCC has been allocating sections of the radio spectrum as unlicensed bands over the period of last decade with the motivation of promoting diversity and novelty of wireless systems, services and technologies. The most recent in this series is the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII), a 300 MHz of radio spectrum at 5 GHz, providing(More)
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