Kingsley E. Haynes

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Spatial interaction is a broad term encompassing any movement over space that results from a human process . It includes journey-to-work, migration, information and commodity flows, student enrollments and conference attendance, the utilization of public and private facilities, and even the transmission of knowledge . Gravity models are the most widely used(More)
"Nepal has been experiencing a permanent rural-to-rural migration of households from the central hill zone to the Terai region. Migrant households, due to the structure of the Terai economy, are impelled to acquire control of land for subsistence agriculture by squatting, purchasing, or receiving a grant. A household's ability to maximize subsistence(More)
The conventional literature on telecommunication does not appear to have focused on the various sources of interactions between telecommunication networks and other networked infrastructure. Further, much of the transportation literature suggests that transportation and telecommunication infrastructures are substitutes. The focus of this paper is to examine(More)
This paper discusses an analytical approach to explaining a nearly constant high job approval rating of president Clinton between January, 1998 and February, 1999. Despite all the controversy and massive information exposure to mostly unflattering news about Mr. Clinton; the public, in nearly all major opinion polls expressed their wish that Mr. Clinton be(More)
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