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Challenged networking applications such as rural internet, battlefield communication, post-disaster communication etc. cannot rely on mere DTN for its unpredictable delay and unreliable delivery probability. To meet application specific QoS constraints, in addition to DTN-enabled mobile nodes (smart phones/tablets), an ad hoc backbone infrastructure is(More)
Seamless data synchronization among peer entities is a problem for any challenged network scenarios where infrastructural supports for synchronization are not available or insufficient. Such a network follows a delay/disruption tolerant approach, in which connection or contact time among devices are intermittent and short-lived, agents may use devices of(More)
Kohonen self organizing map is an important artificial neural network technique that uses competitive, unsupervised learning to produce a low-dimensional discretized representation of the input space of the training samples which preserves the topological properties of the input space. The fuzzy set theory introduces the concept of membership function to(More)
This paper gives the design and implementation of pSync, a P2P file syncing tool for challenged networks. pSync implements a number of advanced features over existing file syncing tools, such as - role based file transfer, device priority scheduling and UDP based networking; to handle intermittent and frequent connection break-ups as well as short contact(More)
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