Kinga Lewtak

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AIMS The characterization of the antitumour activity and chemical identification of the compounds obtained after the isolation of extracellular metabolites of bacteria Raoultella ornithinolytica. METHODS AND RESULTS The fraction with anticancer activity against the HeLa cell line, T47D and TOV-112D was obtained from the supernatants of R. ornithinolytica(More)
The polysaccharide-protein complex (PPC) isolated from metabolites of gut bacteria Raoultella ornithinolytica from Dendrobaena veneta earthworms exhibits activity against Candida albicans, in breast ductal carcinoma (line T47D) and in the endometrioid ovarian cancer line (TOV-112D) in vitro. The action against C. albicans was analyzed using light, SEM, TEM,(More)
The extract from Pelargonium zonale stalks exhibits activity against Candida albicans and exerts an effect on the HeLa cell line. The action against C. albicans cells was analysed using light, CLSM, SEM, and TEM microscopes. The observations indicate that the extract influenced fungal cell morphology and cell metabolic activity. The morphological changes(More)
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