Kinga Farkas

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A new illegal psychotropic substance appeared in Hungary during the first months of 2011. Acutely hospitalized patients with psychosis disclosed using a new type of designer drug, previously unknown to clinicians. As the new drug became better known, the cases with acute intoxication were often also transported to toxicology departments. In this study we(More)
INTRODUCTION Mismatch negativity (MMN) is an automatic brain response to unexpected events. It represents a prediction error (PE) response, reflecting the difference between the sensory input and predictions. While deficits in auditory MMN are well known in schizophrenia, only few studies investigated impairments in predictive visual processing in(More)
Empirical data from previous investigations showed that emotion processing is reflected in beta, and especially in low beta event related desynchronization (ERD) (i.e. a decrease in low beta power). While recognition of social information and emotion processing are impaired in schizophrenia, no previous study analyzed induced and evoked beta oscillations in(More)
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