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In this letter, we propose a new active queue management (AQM) scheme to improve the performance of the well-known random early detection (RED) AQM. The new AQM is based on the proportional derivative (PD) control principle, and we call it PD-RED. In PD-RED we introduce minimal changes to RED. We demonstrate the improvement in performance of PD-RED over the(More)
Multipath routing is a key technique to support video transmission over wireless ad hoc networks (WANETs). In WANETs, the lifetime of a node is related to its residual energy, current traffic conditions and the required energy consumed for sending a packet to its next hop in the path. In this paper, we propose a new adaptive routing scheme termed(More)
Advances in computing and networking are generating a significant demand for video-on-demand (VOD) applications. In this paper, the condition for minimum blocking probability of a VOD system is derived. The optimal load-sharing requirement in such a system is found so that the minimum blocking probability is achieved. A combination of genetic algorithm and(More)
Using a simple model of saturated, synchronized and homogeneous sources of TCP Reno with drop-tail queue management and a discrete-time framework, we derive formulae for stationary as well as transient queueing behavior that shed light on the relationship between large buffers and work conservation (queue never empties). Using simulations, the relevance of(More)
This paper studies the interleave-division multiple-access (IDMA) based broadband wireless network and its MAC protocol for supporting high data rates. The performance is evaluated by evolution and simulation. It is demonstrated that the IDMA technology can efficiently mitigate the interference among users and support high data rates without compromising(More)
1 This work was supported by the City University of Hong Kong under Strategic Research Grant 7000604. 2 Please direct all correspondence to this author. Email:ewong@ee.cityu.edu.hk Fax: +852 2788-7791 Abstract—As broadband networks keep increasing in transmission speed, multimedia-on-demand (MOD) is expected to be one of the most popular broadband services(More)
Advances in broadband technology are generating an increasing demand for video-on-demand (VOD) applications. In this paper, an optimal video placement scheme is proposed for a batching VOD system with multiple servers. Given a specified requirement of the blocking probability, an optimal batching interval is derived and the corresponding file placement is(More)