King Sing Cheung

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Online courses have been widely used to support teaching and learning in higher education. It is essential to develop methods to properly assess students in online course usages. This paper proposes a student participation index for assessing students in online courses. The index consists of a number of components, such as pages viewed and forum questions(More)
Labelled Petri nets are commonly used for system specification where the locations of conditions are denoted as places with condition labels and the locations of events as transitions with event labels. It is often in a Petri-net-based specification that the same condition label or event label appears in multiple locations. As every condition is finally(More)
A manufacturing system is typically a shared resource system whose components never have unlimited capacities. In manufacturing system design, a major objective is to achieve a system which is free from capacity overflow. In this paper, a method is proposed for analysing if a system possesses this property. The method is based on augmented marked graphs. By(More)