King-Lup Liu

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Frequently a user's information needs are stored in the databases of multiple search engines. It is inconvenient and inefficient for an ordinary user to invoke multiple search engines and identify useful documents from the returned results. To support unified access to multiple search engines, a metasearch engine can be constructed. When a metasearch engine(More)
Contact Information Clement Yu Weiyi Meng Department of EECS Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Chicago State University of New York at Binghamton Chicago, IL 60607 Binghamton, NY 13902 Phone: (312) 996-2318 Phone: (607) 777-4311 Fax: (312) 413-0024 Fax: (607) 777-4729 Email: Email: URL:(More)
Result merging is a key component in a metasearch engine. Once the results from various search engines are collected, the metasearch system merges them into a single ranked list. The effectiveness of a metasearch engine is closely related to the result merging algorithm it employs. In this paper, we investigate a variety of resulting merging algorithms(More)
Linkages among documents have a significant impact on the importance of documents, as it can be argued that important documents are pointed to by many documents or by other important documents. Metasearch engines can be used to facilitate ordinary users for retrieving information from multiple local sources (text databases). There is a search engine(More)
Metasearch engines can be used to facilitate ordinary users for retrieving information from multiple local sources (text databases). In a metasearch engine, the contents of each local database is represented by a representative. Each user query is evaluated against the set of representatives of all databases in order to determine the appropriate databases(More)
AllInOneNews is the largest news metasearch engine in the world, connecting to over 1,000 news sites over 150 countries. Implementing a large-scale metasearch engine like AllInOneNews needs to overcome unique challenges not faced by building small metasearch engines such as developing highly scalable search engine selection techniques. In this paper, we(More)
We are grateful to Luis Gravano and Hector Garcia-Molina of Stanford University for providing us with the database and query collections used in 6]. (This report discussed how to estimate the database usefulness used deened in this paper for the high-correlation and disjoint scenarios. Such discussion did not appear in 6].)
The publication time of a page can have a big impact on its relevance to a query, especially for time-sensitive pages such as news items. For news search engines, the publication time of news items can usually be found in the returned search result records. In this paper, we introduce a method that can automatically extract the publication time for each(More)