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Establishing trust between a group of individuals remains a difficult problem. Prior works assume trusted infrastructure, require an individual to trust unknown entities, or provide relatively low probabilistic guarantees of authenticity (95% for realistic settings). This work presents SPATE, a primitive that allows users to establish trust via device(More)
—Several security protocols require a human to compare two hash values to ensure successful completion. When the hash values are represented as long sequences of numbers, humans may make a mistake or require significant time and patience to accurately compare the hash values. To improve usability during comparison, a number of researchers have proposed(More)
Recently, Bertino et al. proposed a new time-bound key management scheme for broadcasting. The security of their scheme is planted on the hardness breaking of elliptic curve discrete log problem, HMAC, and tamper-resistance devices. They claimed that as long as the three assumptions hold, their scheme is secure. By means of secure, users cannot access(More)
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