King F. Kwong

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OBJECTIVE We sought to study the clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients treated with a surgery-inclusive multimodality approach for Pancoast tumors. METHODS Clinical records of patients with Pancoast lung cancer who were enrolled for multimodality treatment between 1993 and 2003 at our institution were reviewed retrospectively. RESULTS(More)
Cardiac surgery is perceived to be maximally invasive and fraught with complications. Secondary to this, cardiothoracic surgeons have been refining traditional techniques to minimize their invasive nature. Epidural anesthesia has been utilized safely and effectively for numerous surgical procedures to reduce the associated morbidity. In hopes of achieving a(More)
Electrical coupling of pacemaker cells at gap junctions appears to play an important role in sinus node function. Although the major cardiac gap junction protein, connexin43 (Cx43), is expressed abundantly in atrial and ventricular muscle, its expression in the sinus node has been a subject of controversy. The objectives of the present study were to(More)
BACKGROUND With recent advances in neoadjuvant therapy in esophageal cancer, pretreatment lymph node staging has become increasingly important in stratifying patients to appropriate treatment regimens and for prognostication. Immunohistochemical analysis (IHC) using epithelial markers has been shown to identify micrometastases in histologically negative(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with refractory angina who are not candidates for conventional revascularization, transmyocardial laser treatment reduces angina significantly in the early postoperative period. We hypothesized that transmyocardial laser treatment damages cardiac nerve fibers that convey the pain of angina pectoris. METHODS Left thoracotomy was(More)
CONTEXT ACTH-producing neuroendocrine tumor (NET) of the thymus is a rare cause of Cushing's syndrome (CS). The literature consists mainly of isolated case reports. PATIENTS We studied 12 cases (eight males and four females) diagnosed between 1986 and 2010 with CS and thymic NET who underwent surgical resection. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES We measured time(More)
BACKGROUND The standard of care for metastatic gastric cancer (MGC) is systemic chemotherapy which leads to a median survival of 6-15 months. Survival beyond 3 years is rare. For selected groups of patients with limited MGC, retrospective studies have shown improved overall survival following gastrectomy and metastasectomies including peritoneal stripping(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of thoracoscopic sympathectomy for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, blushing, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and digital ischemia. METHODS We conducted a retrospective review of 202 patients who underwent thoracoscopic sympathectomy at the University of Maryland from March 1992 to(More)
BACKGROUND The primary goal of this study is to identify clinical variables associated with successful surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis and facial blushing. METHODS Six hundred eight thoracoscopic sympathicotomies were performed in 304 patients. Retrospective stratified analysis of patients after thoracoscopic sympathicotomy for hyperhidrosis or(More)
MicroRNAs have been implicated as important mediators of cancer cell homeostasis, and accumulating data suggest compelling roles for them in the apoptosis pathway. X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP) is a potent caspase inhibitor and an important barrier to apoptotic cell death, but the mechanisms that determine the diverse range of XIAP(More)