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Chronic oil pollution poses substantial risks to marine birds and other marine wildlife worldwide. On Canada's Pacific coast, the negative ecological consequences to marine birds and marine ecosystems in general remain poorly understood. Using information relating to oil spill probability of occurrence, areas of overall importance to marine birds, and the(More)
Self- and cross-citations in JABA and JEAB from 1993 through 2003 were examined. Yearly mean levels of self-citation for JABA and JEAB were 34.9% and 33.2%, respectively. Overall, 7.8% of JABA citations were JEAB articles, and 0.6% of JEAB citations were JABA articles. The former value, but not the latter, is substantially higher than the cross-citation(More)
In a sample of children with sensori-neural deafness and no evidence of a syndrome, ototoxic exposure, or autosomal dominant or X-linked family history, seen in the Division of Medical Genetics of The Montreal Children's Hospital, the probability of a sibling being similarly affected was about 1 in 6, both in French-Canadian families and the remainder of(More)
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