Kineret Weissler

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Each person expresses a potentially unique subset of ∼ 400 different olfactory receptor subtypes. Given that the receptors we express partially determine the odors we smell, it follows that each person may have a unique nose; to capture this, we devised a sensitive test of olfactory perception we termed the "olfactory fingerprint." Olfactory fingerprints(More)
While most studies on the determinants of learning deal with either cognition or motivation, there is a growing awareness that both should be considered. Our purpose was to examine the relative roles of cognitive and motivational factors for the scholastic achievement and behaviour of disadvantaged children. Cognition was conceptualised in terms of the(More)
We define a new measure of sensory stimuli which has the following properties: It is cross modal, performance based, robust, and well defined. We interpret this measure as the intricacy or complexity of the stimuli, yet its validity is independent of its interpretation. We tested the validity and cross modality of our measure using three olfactory and one(More)
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