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Low density populations of anemonefish with low replenishment rates on a reef edge with anthropogenic impacts
Demographic patterns differed among species, and requirements for conservation will therefore be different among species on the reef edges of Okinawa-jima Island under anthropogenic impact. Expand
Patterns of coexistence of six anemonefish species around subtropical Okinawa-jima Island, Japan
The mechanisms of coexistence of anemonefish in subtropical regions include not only niche differentiation and cohabitation but also the lottery hypothesis, which has not been reported in tropical regions. Expand
Variation on a theme: pigmentation variants and mutants of anemonefish
In this review, the available information on anemonefish color pattern alterations has been gathered and compiled in order to characterize and compare different mutations. Expand
Five-year study on the bleaching of anemonefish-hosting anemones (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Actiniaria) in subtropical Okinawajima Island
The present study indicates that if abnormally high seawater temperatures continue in consecutive summers, recovery of host anemones from bleaching may become impaired, and associated mortality events may increase. Expand
Anemonefish aggressiveness affects the presence of Dascyllus trimaculatus co-existing with host anemones
Investigation of the factors affecting host anemone utilization of D. trimaculatus around Okinawajima Island demonstrates that species composition in anem one symbioses may be affected by coexisting anemOnefish as aggressive behavior toward intruders differs among species. Expand