Kin-ichi ISHIDA

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Adjacent plots (1 m2) with and without communities of dwarf bamboo (Sasa), i.e. Sasa- and ref-plots, were selected in mountainous areas, which were relatively low in soil buffer capacity. The following parameters were studied: chemical properties of surface (0-30 cm) soil (at 6 sites), elemental abundances in the soil-Sasa ecosystem (at 6 sites), effect of(More)
To establish a baseline for conservation of a threatened clonal tree, Magnolia tomentosa, we investigated size distribution and genetic structure within a population, using six microsatellite markers. Within the study site, 1044 living ramets (stems) were distinguished into 175 genets (individuals). The mean number of ramets per genet was 5.97, and 76% of(More)
We investigated experimentally the transmission performance of 100 Gbps dual-carrier DP-BPSK signals transmitted on a 3,080 km in-line chromatic dispersion compensated fiber link with real-time digital signal processing. Its doubled phase margin and nonlinear noise squeezing achieved 2 dB greater robustness to fiber nonlinearity effects compared to(More)
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