Kin-Ying To

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Bidens pilosa L. is an erect perennial herb that is used as a folk medicine for the treatment of a variety of illnesses including diabetes. Genetic engineering is an effective means of producing desired phytocompounds in certain medicinal plants; however, plant regeneration and genetic transformation have not yet been reported for B. pilosa. Here, we(More)
Cleome spinosa is widely used as a garden ornamental in many countries. Here we determined the optimal conditions for plant regeneration from different tissue explants grown in vitro. Induction medium containing MS salts, MS vitamins, 3% sucrose, 1 mg l−1 BA, 200 mg l−1 timentin, and 0.8% agar was sufficient for shoot regeneration of all the tissue explants(More)
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) is a key enzyme in the C4 photosynthetic pathway for the initial fixation of atmospheric CO2 into the four-carbon (C4) acid, oxaloacetate. Here, we report that a vector carrying the intact maize C4 pepc gene was used to transform C3 monocot japonica rice cultivar Tainung 67 (TNG67) which is an important cultivar in(More)
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