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BACKGROUND Obesity is increasingly prevalent in both developed and developing areas. Although undernutrition is well associated with tuberculosis, few studies have systematically examined the association with obesity. Method A cohort of 42 116 individuals 65 years or older enrolled at 18 health centers for elderly patients in Hong Kong, China (which has a(More)
Diabetes mellitus is associated with tuberculosis. A cohort of 42,116 clients aged 65 years or more, enrolled at 18 Elderly Health Service centers in Hong Kong in 2000, were followed up prospectively through the territory-wide tuberculosis registry for development of tuberculosis from 3 months after enrollment to December 31, 2005, by use of their identity(More)
OBJECTIVES The main objective was to examine the association between obesity and depressive symptoms among Chinese elderly in Hong Kong. METHODS Cross-sectional data on depressive symptoms and body mass index from 56 167 clients aged 65 or over who enrolled as members of Elderly Health Centres from July 1998 to December 2000 were analysed using multiple(More)
A cohort of 42,655 clients that were first registered with the Elderly Health Service in 2000 were followed prospectively through the tuberculosis (TB) notification registry until the end of 2002. A total of 286 active TB cases (186 culture confirmed) were identified. The annual TB notification rates were 735, 427, and 174 per 100,000 among current smokers,(More)
INTRODUCTION In this report, the results of a household survey were used to examine the prevalence of very mild and mild dementia in Chinese older persons in Hong Kong. METHODS The study adopted a two-phase design. At Phase 1, 6100 subjects were screened using the Cantonese version of the Mini-mental State Examination (MMSE) and a short memory inventory.(More)
BACKGROUND In older people, it is unclear whether obesity relates to mortality, which calls into question its etiologic role in disease and its public health relevance. This apparent lack of relationship in older people could be an artifactual result of their diverse health states. METHODS We used Cox regression analysis to determine whether the effect of(More)
OBJECTIVE We reported the association between modality of Physical Exercise and cognitive function in 782 older Chinese adults assessed in the second phase of a population survey for dementia in Hong Kong. METHODS Profiles of physical exercise was measured by a questionnaire (no exercise, stretching, aerobic and mind-body exercise). Cognitive Assessments(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a short cognitive test for screening mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in Hong Kong Chinese older adults. METHODS The Chinese Abbreviated MCI (CAMCI) test was developed with a multistage process. In phase 1, a short version of the cognitive test comprising a 1-min animal fluency test and a 10-min delayed word list recall was developed(More)
BACKGROUND Moderate alcohol use is generally associated with lower ischaemic heart disease (IHD) mortality but it is difficult to ascertain whether this is due to attributes of moderate alcohol users or the properties of alcohol itself. Evidence from populations with different patterns of alcohol use and IHD can provide crucial evidence. We assessed the(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing evidence has incriminated active smoking as a causal factor for tuberculosis (TB). However, the effect of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure on TB has not been similarly elucidated. METHODS A cohort of 15 486 female never-smokers aged 65 to 74 years and living with their surviving husband were enrolled at 18 Elderly Health Centers in(More)