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In many 3D laser scanner applications, high relative precision (relative dimensions within the registered point cloud) is sufficient; in contrast, DOT applications require good relative precision and high absolute accuracy. Thus, precise and robust geo-referencing is critical, and robust workflows are needed to reduce the likelihood and impact of human(More)
This report presents STRUCTVIEW, a vehicle-based system for the measurement of roadway structure profiles, which uses a scanning laser rangefinder to measure various structure and roadway features while traveling at highway speed. Measurement capabilities include horizontal and vertical clearances which can be used to support issuing permits based on(More)
This report describes the development of an Infrastructure Diagnostic Vehicle (IDV) for Automated Highway Systems (AHS). The IDV was developed to support inspection-integrated maintenance of AHS. The system is intended to diagnose various aspects of the infrastructure required for safe and reliable operation of an AHS. Currently, the system diagnoses the(More)
Advanced Snowplow Development and Demonstration: Phase I iii ABSTRACT This final report documents application of Intelligent Vehicle (IV) and Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems (AVCSS) technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of snow removal. The system developed, known as the Advanced Snowplow (ASP), includes lane position indication and(More)
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