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BACKGROUND The DNA microarray technology allows the measurement of expression levels of thousands of genes under tens/hundreds of different conditions. In microarray data, genes with similar functions usually co-express under certain conditions only 1. Thus, biclustering which clusters genes and conditions simultaneously is preferred over the traditional(More)
UNLABELLED BiVisu is an open-source software tool for detecting and visualizing biclusters embedded in a gene expression matrix. Through the use of appropriate coherence relations, BiVisu can detect constant, constant-row, constant-column, additive-related as well as multiplicative-related biclusters. The biclustering results are then visualized under a 2D(More)
DNA microarray experiment inevitably generates gene expression data with missing values. An important and necessary pre-processing step is thus to impute these missing values. Existing imputation methods exploit gene correlation among all experimental conditions for estimating the missing values. However, related genes coexpress in subsets of experimental(More)
The multiscale directional filter bank (MDFB) improves the radial frequency resolution of the contourlet transform by introducing an additional decomposition in the high-frequency band. The increase in frequency resolution is particularly useful for texture description because of the quasi-periodic property of textures. However, the MDFB needs an extra set(More)
—In this paper, we propose to use co-occurrence features computed from multi-scale directional filter bank (MDFB) for texture characterization. As the filter band coefficients are localized frequency components, features from co-occurrence matrices of filter bands can characterize structures of textures by describing correlation among coefficients. Our(More)
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Z-curve features are one of the popular features used in exon/intron classification. We showed that although both Z-curve and Fourier approaches are based on detecting 3-periodicity in coding regions, there are significant differences in their spectral formulation. From the spectral formulation of the Z-curve, we obtained three modified sequences that(More)
Traditionally, intra-sequence similarity is exploited for compressing a single DNA sequence. Recently, remarkable compression performance of individual DNA sequence from the same population is achieved by encoding its difference with a nearly identical reference sequence. Nevertheless, there is lack of general algorithms that also allow less similar(More)
DNA microarray experiment unavoidably generates gene expression data with missing values. This hardens subsequent analysis such as biclusters detection which aims to find a set of co-expressed genes under some experimental conditions. Missing values are thus required to be estimated before biclusters detection. Existing missing values estimation algorithms(More)