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In recent years, professionals in different fields have become able to do programming by using simplified software tools, as a consequence of this they are becoming able to understand programming in a general or “panoramic” way. This understanding is not evaluated by current programming abilities testing methods such as written paper tests or(More)
In a prior study we introduced the Programmed Visual Contents Comparison Method (PVCC) for assessment of programming abilities related with Panoramic Understanding of Programming (PUP). With this method, by comparing two or more output pictures produced by programming samples (a question), a student must decide which one of the programs producing them is(More)
Using quarterly Taiwan economic data, we demonstrate that deeper understanding of relations between variables and substantial gains in forecasting can be obtained by applying econometric and statistical tools to the traditional macroeconometric models. The improvement in forecasting accuracy is illustrated by outof-sample forecasts, and the models employed(More)
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