Kin-Lok Chan

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This paper studies the rendering and post-processing of a dynamic image-based representation called the simplified dynamic light fields (SDLF) (or plenoptic videos) with depth information. The user viewpoints are limited to a camera line to simplify the capturing and compression processes. By associating each image pixel with its depth value, methods for(More)
This paper presents a system for capturing and rendering a dynamic image-based representation called the plenoptic videos. It is a simplified version of light fields for dynamic environment, where user viewpoints are constrained along the camera plane of a linear array of video cameras. The system consists of a camera array of 8 Sony CCX-Z11 CCD cameras and(More)
Panoramic video is a simple representation of a dynamic scene or static environment. It allows the users to change their viewpoints interactively in time or along a given path in space. For better users' experience, it is desirable to incorporate synthetic or real objects into a panoramic video. This paper studies the coding and rendering of these objects(More)
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