Kin Fung Simon Wong

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I. ABSTRACT Application-level Multicast (ALM) has emerged as a promising technique to overcome the current limitations in IP multicast for point-to-multipoint content delivery. Traditionally in ALM research, researchers mostly focus on connectivity among the hosts. In our work, we consider quality of service issue for ALM, in particular the error recovery(More)
—We consider media streaming using application-level multicast (ALM) where packet loss has to be recovered via re-transmission in a timely manner. Since packets may be lost due to congestion, node failures, and join and leave dynamics, traditional " vertical " recovery approach where upstream nodes retransmit the lost packets is no longer effective. We(More)
— In wireless sensor networks, estimating nodal positions is important for routing efficiency and location-based services. Traditional techniques based on precise measurements are often expensive and power-inefficient, while approaches based on landmarks often require bandwidth-inefficient flooding and hence are not scalable for large networks. In this(More)
— Island Multicast (IM) has been recently proposed to achieve efficient global multicast, where IP multicast is used within multicast-capable domains (the so-called islands) while overlay connections are used to bridge islands. In the previously proposed scheme, the number of ping measurements to find good bridge-nodes is at least proportional to island(More)
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