Kin Chung Woon

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This survey outlines the proportion of the various features of occlusion in the permanent dentition of the three ethnic races, Chinese, Malay and Indian in Malaysia. The mean age of the high school children surveyed was 16.4 years. The Chinese and Malays had almost similar distribution of the different types of occlusion. There was a significantly higher(More)
A set of like-sexed male twins with the same malformation syndrome and exhibiting identical anomalous alterations of the craniofacial complex were studied in detail. The right and left coronal and left lamboidal sutures were prematurely synostosed in both specimens. The cranial base exhibited a mediolateral asymmetry, with the right half larger than the(More)
Various terminologies have been used in the dental and medical literature to describe teeth in the mouth of the new or recently born child. Terms such as precocious dentition or dentition praecox, foetal or congenital teeth and predeciduous dentition were used in the older literature. 1.2.3 The most widely accepted terms are natal or neonatal teeth. Massler(More)
Changes in the mandibular arch were evaluated in 32 cases of lower first premolar extraction without appliance therapy. There was a mean reduction in the irregularity index and extraction space of 52 percent and 45 percent respectively. Intercanine distance increased in 65 percent of the cases whilst intermolar distance decreased in 63 percent of the cases.(More)
This case report illustrates the successful management of a case of mutilated maxillary incisors in a 13 year old patient through a sequence of therapy designed to closely coordinate the various disciplines, endodontics, restorative dentistry and orthodontics, involved. Endodontics was directed towards the control of the infected pulp, restorative treatment(More)
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