Kimmo Vehkalahti

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The Health and Taste Attitude Scales (HTAS) developed by Roininen, Lähteenmäki and Tuorila in 1999 measure the importance of health and taste aspects of foods in the food choice process. These multi-item scales consist of sets of statements, ranging from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree", which further divide into three Health (General health(More)
Measurement errors may affect the predictor selection of the linear regression model. These effects are studied using a measurement framework, where the variances of the measurement errors can be estimated without setting too restrictive assumptions about the measurement model. In this approach, the problem of measurement is solved in a reduced true score(More)
BACKGROUND Health behaviors play a major role in the prevention of the most common oral diseases. To investigate health behaviors related to the potential transmission of oral bacteria from mother to child using novel multiple correspondence analysis (MCA). METHODS Mothers (n = 313) with children under three years attending two municipal child health(More)
We consider the documentation of the working process in the context of matrix computations and multivariate statistical analyses. Our focus is on the way of working: how well does the working process get documented dynamically, or what sort of traces are left behind. These questions are relevant in any area of research. Leaving useful traces while working(More)
Statistical computing requires appropriate tools. We describe the integrated editorial environment for data analysis and related tasks developed since the 1960s under the name of Survo and its recent open source R package implementation known as Muste. As examples of the editorial approach in Muste, we consider a statistical application on influence curves(More)
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