Kimmo Hämäläinen

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Jumping drills that include several successive take-offs are popular in many sports events. An understanding of the effects of fatigue on biomechanical parameters during continuous jumping drills is important when selecting drills and their durations for sports training. In the present study, effects of continuous hurdle jumping on myoelectrical (EMG)(More)
Wood–plastic composites (WPC) are materials that combine the properties of wood and plastics. Both are flammable organic materials. Fire safety is considered to be an important issue especially in construction applications. In this research, the fire safety of WPC material is improved by using modification chemicals for wood flour treatment. The(More)
This thesis concerns three new methods for estimating the electrical activity of the human brain from the magnetic fields measured outside the head. The first method models the electrical activity as a combination of focal current dipoles and applies global optimization to estimate their locations without need for an initial solution. The second method is(More)
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