Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi

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This paper identi®es the major marketing challenges small software ®rms face during their growth and internationalization processes. It starts with an analysis of small software company activities along a continuum from `project business' to `product business.' This is followed by a brief analysis of the two major schools of thought in marketing, in which(More)
Theoretical discussion concerning value creation has been popular in recent years in business studies, at both relationship and network levels. However, the body of research on value creation still clearly exhibits a dearth of empirical studies, especially at the level of networks. In this study, value-creating networks are empirically explored in a(More)
The purpose of this study is to describe customer-related knowledge utilisation in the collaborative relationships of professional service organisations. Within this specific context, knowledge transfer capabilities are emphasised as an important prerequisite in the utilisation process. Effective organisation-level knowledge utilisation is crucial in(More)
This research addresses the question of building and exploiting competence in connection with contract research and development (R&D), by means of a longitudinal case study. The research involves VTT as a supplier and internal research customer, Tekes as a funding body and several firms as external industrial customers. We are looking into their mutual(More)
The starting point for this study was the obvious " mis-match " between the dominating, consumer marketing-oriented way of approaching customer satisfaction on the one hand and our current understanding of industrial buyer–seller relationships and networks on the other. The purpose of this paper is to present a relational and contextual perspective on(More)
This paper explores the role of the buyer-seller relationship when choosing a model for business-to-business electronic commerce. Empirically, the goal is to explore different solutions carried out in large Finnish companies and the companies' views on the issues dealt within the theoretical framework. The results are mainly supportive of the framework.(More)
Studying business relationships in different contexts has been one of the major themes in the industrial marketing and purchasing literature for several years. Much emphasis has been given especially on interpreting and making sense of the development of the complex business relationships. One of the recent key areas of interest, arriving from the research(More)
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