Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi

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This paper identi®es the major marketing challenges small software ®rms face during their growth and internationalization processes. It starts with an analysis of small software company activities along a continuum from`project business' tòproduct business.' This is followed by a brief analysis of the two major schools of thought in marketing, in which(More)
This study explores the role and nature of purchasing and supplier relationship management in the specific, complex industry setting. The purpose is to develop concepts to describe, conceptualise and analyse the emerging software component market from the point of view of the industrial buyer. The theoretical discussion on the market is concluded with a(More)
The purpose of this paper is to enhance our understanding of business relationships conducted in digital environment by creating a preliminary framework to study the digitalization of business relationships. Although digital environments allow companies new ways to conduct business, they are still merely seen as facilitating technologies not as(More)
This paper explores the role of the buyer-seller relationship when choosing a model for business-to-business electronic commerce. Empirically, the goal is to explore different solutions carried out in large Finnish companies and the companies' views on the issues dealt within the theoretical framework. The results are mainly supportive of the framework.(More)