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In the near future, each and every computer, cell phone, or any other handheld device will be connected to the Internet. These small devices will require intelligent seamless firewalls to secure their connections and data stored within. In addition, the devices will have limited bandwidth and CPU power capacity. This paper describes a Roaming Active(More)
New technologies have increased the dynamism of distributed systems; advances such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and cloud computing enable unprecedented service flexibility and scalability. By their nature, they are in a constant state of flux, presenting tough challenges for system security. Here an adaptive -- in real time - risk management system(More)
Mobile ad hoc networking has been a hot research topic for a decade or so, and many paradigms have been making use of it. One of these paradigms is the Personal Networks (PN). It is an emerging concept where the user's personal devices form a virtual network which is secure and private, and reacts to changing environment and context intelligently. A(More)
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