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Cracking is a natural phenomenon commonly observed on the surface of such objects as concrete, clay walls, rice fields, pottery, and tree barks. This paper describes a new physically based method for synthesizing 3D cracking patterns in clay solids by incorporating a moisture model. We employ actually measured values of the physical parameters used in the(More)
SUMMARY Recently, high-resolution multislice CT images have been used in the diagnosis of hepatic cancer. In the conventional method of detecting hepatic cancer on the basis of three-dimensional images, it is difficult to detect cancers with a three-dimensional structure. This paper proposes a method of detection of liver cancer on the basis of(More)
This paper proposes a method for estimating the state of mind on observation of the body motion from the front and the side of a subject using 2 cameras. There are many researches that studied about the estimation of a psychological condition using facial features. For example, there are studies about facial expressions, eyes' motion and the facial thermal(More)
  • K. Aoki
  • 2012
Mouse is well used as the test-bed of new drags. Very new psychotropic drugs are tested on mouse. However, the observation of a mouse is not precise enough and is not automatic enough. For ensuring the safety of the drags, we need relatively long observation of a mouse. This paper proposes the framework of automatic video observation of mouse activities.(More)