Kimio Kuramitsu

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In this paper we propose an online lightweight anomaly symptom detection and process’s resource usage control mechanism. Our system collects fine-grain resource information that can reflect the subtle changes of the application’s behavior. Then it creates models with a learningbased algorithm without manual configurations. If an anomaly symptom is detected,(More)
The Internet commerce increases the demands of service integrations by sharing XML-based catalogs. We propose the PCO data model supporting semantic inheritance to ensure the synonymy of heterogeneous semantics among distributed schemas that different authors define independently. Also, the PCO model makes semantic relationships independent of an initial(More)
These days, embedded systems such as robotics and car navigation systems are composed of a variety of software components. These systems frequently suffer environmental damage and require changes. Improving the adaptation cycles in the development phase is a big challenge in this area. We will provide an extensible online log analysis system that will(More)
Parsing Expression Grammars are a popular foundation for describing syntax. Unfortunately, several syntax of programming languages are still hard to recognize with pure PEGs. Notorious cases appears: typedef-defined names in C/C++, indentation-based code layout in Python, and HERE document in many scripting languages. To recognize such PEG-hard syntax, we(More)