Kimio Kuramitsu

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We address a declarative construction of abstract syntax trees with Parsing Expression Grammars. AST operators (constructor, connector, and tagging) are newly defined to specify flexible AST constructions. A new challenge coming with PEGs is the consistency management of ASTs in backtracking and packrat parsing. We make the transaction AST machine in order(More)
This paper presents our idea and design on script-based framework for dynamic fault management in distributed open systems. Today's distributed systems face unexpected faults and error propagations that are hard to predict at the design time. A key idea behind our D-Script is the dependability through assuredness with a scripting solution to add fault(More)
This demonstration presents the language design of Konoha-Script, a statically typed object-oriented scripting language. KonohaScript provides the very similar scripting experiences compared to dynamic languages. In addition, it also preserves useful programming supports by static typing, such as automated verification of careless mistakes, improved(More)
Flexibility of software is a key part of resilient software. Scripting technology will help us to improve the software flexibility from the development phase to the operational phase. We focus on the interaction between components, since the nature of scripting language serves as a glue for different components. Existing scripting languages; however, have(More)