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Presence of Propionibacterium acnes in blood components
BACKGROUND: Sterility testing, as part of the QC of blood components at the Japanese Red Cross Aichi Blood Center between April 1998 and March 2000, showed that 10 of 5568 tested blood componentsExpand
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Expression of low-frequency Ala108Pro substitution in the platelet glycoprotein Ibbeta gene.
We determined the gene frequency of the glycoprotein (GP) Ibbeta Ala108Pro substitution. The Pro108 allele was not found in 208 healthy Japanese and 200 healthy Caucasians. In vitro expressionExpand
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Application of 16S ribosomal RNA gene amplification to the rapid identification of bacteria from blood culture bottles
In Japan, sterility testing as part of the QC of blood components is performed by sampling bags and culturing in anaerobic and aerobic culture bottles. If a culture bottle develops bacteria growth,Expand
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A new murine lymphocytotoxic monoclonal antibody recognizing HLA-A2, -A28 and -A9.
Monoclonal antibodies recognizing polymorphic as well as monomorphic epitopes on HLA antigens are important tools for understanding the immunobiology of HLA molecules. We immunized BALB/c mice with aExpand
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Development of a highly specific enzyme immunoassay for oxytocin and its use in plasma samples
Background The peptide hormone oxytocin acts in the central nervous system and plays an important role in various complex social behaviours. We report the production of a high affinity andExpand
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Platelet glycoprotein (GP) V polymorphisms in Japanese.
The glycoprotein (GP) V is a subunit of a platelet receptor for von Willebrand factor, the GPIb/IX/V complex. Recently, polymorphisms in the GPV gene, four involving amino acid changes and fiveExpand
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Mitochondrial creatine kinase in the extra band of creatine kinase zymogram observed in the fresh sera of healthy subjects
We detected the extra band cathodal to the electrophoretic origin through the analysis of CK isozyme of 346 healthy subjects. This band was observed in all the fresh sera stored at 4°C less than 24h.Expand