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OBJECTIVE Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been reported to secrete various cytokines that exhibit angiogenic and neurosupportive effects. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of MSC transplantation on diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) in rats. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS MSCs were isolated from bone marrow of adult rats and transplanted into(More)
A chronic animal preparation allowed us to compare activity of the same single, spinal dorsal horn neurons in the physiologically intact, awake, drug-free state and in the anesthetized state. The inhalation anesthetic enflurane produced profound, and at times, opposite effects on spinal dorsal horn neuron responses to non-noxious and noxious receptive field(More)
Extracellular activity was recorded from single spinal dorsal horn neurons in both chronic cat and acute rat models. This was done to define the effects of anesthesia on the processing of sensory information elicited by nonnoxious tactile stimulation of peripheral receptive fields (RFs). In the chronic cat model, baseline data were obtained in(More)
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