Kimiko Arai

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Certain autoimmune diseases result in abnormal bone homeostasis, but association of immunodeficiency with bone is poorly understood. Osteoclasts, which derive from bone marrow cells, are under the control of the immune system. Differentiation of osteoclasts is mainly regulated by signaling pathways activated by RANK and immune receptors linked to(More)
The amino acid sequence of a single polypeptide chain, B-4, from fowl feather barbs has been determined. The B-4 chain was found to consist of 96 amino acid residues and to have a molecular weight of 10206 in the S-carboxymethylated form. The N terminus of this protein was an N-acetylserine residue. The B-4 protein contained seven S-carboxymethylcysteine(More)
A mode of action study of herbicidal diphenylpyrrolidinones was carried out through carotenoid analyses in intact Scenedesmus cells and by a cell-free plant-type phytoene desaturase assay using Escherichia coli transformants. A series of forty-eight diphenylpyrrolidinones decreased the carotenoid content of Scenedesmus cells in the light and inhibited(More)
It was found that thioglycolic acid prevents destruction of tryptophan during rapid hydrolysis of protein with a trifluoroacetic acid/HCl mixture (1:2, v/v) at 166 degrees C for 25 or 50 min. The addition of 5% (v/v) thioglycolic acid gave the maximum tryptophan recovery (88.3%) for a 25-min hydrolysate of lysozyme. Tryptophan recoveries varied slightly(More)
The amino-acid sequence of 96 residues in the N-terminal region of rat pepsinogen I was determined and the first 46 residues were found to constitute the activation peptide segment. There was high degree of homology between the activation segments of rat pepsinogen and some pepsinogens A (pig, cow, Japanese monkey and human). However, the number of residues(More)
A unique acid proteinase was purified from rat gastric mucosa by DEAE-Sepharose CL-6B chromatography, gel filtration and isoelectric focusing. The purified enzyme was homogeneous by polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoresis. The molecular weight of the enzyme was estimated to be 86000 by gel filtration on a Sephadex G-100 column. In SDS-polyacrylamide gel(More)
The amino acid sequence was compared among the three allelic variants (allozymes) of sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in D. virilis, which are detected by one-dimensional electrophoresis. The alpha GPDHf variant was different from the alpha GPDHm by only one substitution of 68-lysine for asparagine; alpha GPDHs differed from alpha GPDHm by substitution(More)
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